5 ways to grow your email list

5 Quick Ways to Grow Your Email List

Did you know that for every dollar spent on Email Marketing that the ROI is $42? Or that email is better at converting leads than say Facebook or Instagram? Kind of makes you wish you spent more time building up your email list right? Fear not, as you still have time to grow your email list and reach more people than you ever could on social media.

Granted growing your email list doesn’t happen overnight. Like everything in digital marketing it takes time, but you can start putting in the work now with these 5 quick ways to grow your email list:

Promote Exclusive Content

Hopefully you’re not giving away all your brand secrets to success for free, but if you are, there is a way to make it beneficial to your business. Entice people to get your exclusive content by having them sign up to your email list and after they complete signing up you send them the oh so top secret content.

There is value in your exclusive content and people want value for free. Seems a little counter intuitive to be giving it away for free, but you now have them on your list. Now you can send them targeted emails where they can buy your products or services. Give a little, get a whole lot more in return.

Some examples of exclusive content can be:

  • Infographics
  • White Papers
  • Tips and Tricks
  • How To’s

Use an Exit Popup

Everyone leaves a web page, why not make it worth their while to come back? By using an Exit Popup you can offer people an incentive to come back like a discount or special offer just for them. All they have to do is sign up to your email list and you’ll send them their discount via email. Now you have another subscriber.

The hard part is crafting the perfect incentive to lure the user into signing up. You’ll have to be creative with the verbiage and the offer. Everyone is looking for value and what you’re offering has to be something that others value enough that they want to get it by signing up.

Hold a Contest or Giveaway

Holding a content or giveaway is a great way to grow your email list. Who doesn’t like to win something? A great trick to get even more people on your list is to have an option to get more entries by referring a friend or five. Now you have more email addresses to send your offer to by saying so and so thought you might like this. If you’re interested click here to sign up.

Contests are a great to grow the size of your list and fast. You could giveaway Amazon gift cards or people could win an exclusive product from your upcoming collection. People love high reward, low risk things and a contest is a low risk action with the potential for a high reward.

Try hosting a contest every quarter and watch your the number of subscribers on your list explode!

Add Call to Action Buttons on Social Media

There are plenty of opportunities on social media for you to put a call to action where people can sign up to receive your emails. You can add it as a link in your bio or as a button on your page.

Get creative with it. Don’t just say “Sign up Here etc.” Give them a reason to sign up. Learn how I grew my income by $50k in a year (please don’t say crypto and you can make me a millionaire in a month) or How to leverage social media and gain more clients with these tactics etc.

No one is going to click on a button just for the sake of clicking on it. They want to know that if they click to sign up that they’re getting something of value in return.

Have Multiple Signup Forms

Can you really have enough signup forms on your website? You can placed signup forms in your sidebar and in your footer. You can add them in between sections of your blog posts or pages. Giving them one signup form is a great way for them to forget about signing up, but if they see it multiple times, it gives you a greater chance of gaining a new subscriber.

That doesn’t mean you have to be all obnoxious with the forms. Just use better judgement. The signup forms in the middle of your blog posts or pages could be used to entice them to get more tips or tricks about the topic you’re blogging about.

Getting people to sign up for your email list is all about offering value. They value something you have whether it be knowledge, a product or whatever. Leverage that value and watch your email list grow.

Photo by Melanie Deziel on Unsplash

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