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A lot of Social Media Followers Doesn’t Equate Success

I have many clients and prospective clients tell me that they think having millions of social media followers means their social media strategy is effective. I always ask them what is their main goal? To have a lot of social media followers or to convert their followers into sales? Now that question has them thinking and re-evaluating their goals.

Here is the thing. If you, as my client, think having a million followers makes you successful then you just made my job easy. I can go out and buy social media followers for you and guess what, I can hit your goal in less time that if you try to get then organically.

And don’t think others don’t do the same thing. People and brands buy followers all the time. They think the number of followers means their important or what they have to say or share is valuable.

And the biggest issue with buying followers is that 99.9% won’t be interacting with your posts. They’re just an invisible number to inflate your ego and make others think you have something everyone wants. How weird does it look when you have a million followers but only 46 likes average on your posts? That just tells people that you bought your followers and that you’re just being fake. And no one likes someone fake selling them things.

What you want is to convert your real followers into clients or customers; depending on whether your sell products or services. The goal should be sales not the number of followers.

It’s easy to get followers. It’s harder to convert them into customers. Your branding and messaging has to be on point. You could look like some social media guru, but if your website or landing page is lacking you just lost out on a potential sale.

While people isolate social media as a separate cog in the wheel when in fact social media needs to work with branding and your website to make an appealing offer to your customers. From your social media messaging that funnels to your website, it has to look like it’s one seamless transition.

Success shouldn’t be judged by followers but by how many of those followers you can convert into sales. At the end of the day money in your pocket is better than having a million followers who give you nothing but a false sense of accomplishment.

Photo by Adem AY on Unsplash

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