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Cleaning Up Your Instagram Feed

With the start of the new year, it’s great time to clean up your Instagram feed and remove all the content that no longer fits with your brand or content that is outdated. Your feed is the deciding factor whether or not a potential clients clicks on a shopping item to buy or a link to your website. If your feed isn’t up to date then the probability of that potential customer going any further decreases substantially.

Your social media accounts like Instagram are the digital handshakes with potential customers. A weak grip and you lose their business. Your digital handshake needs to be strong and memorable. Your social media accounts are your first impression and you only make a first impression once.

Remove Outdated Content

Content that no longer serves your brand should be removed or archived. Outdated contest posts, products that no longer exist or outdated logos need to be removed. Only the best and up to date products or service posts should be displayed. Your Instagram feed is a living document and keeping it up to date is the best way to keep it fresh is removing outdate content.

No Personal Photos

One of the biggest mistakes brands or businesses can do is post personal photos on their professional accounts. No one wants to see your dinner or photos of your vacation with your kids sandwiched between product related posts. When potential clients visit your feed they want to see professional posts depicting your products or services offered. If you want to post photos of your dinner or your kids you can create a personal Instagram account to post those types of photos.

Even though the new year is a great time to update your Instagram feed, it’s better if you constantly keep your feed updated all year round. Only show your best content. Your social media accounts like Instagram are your first and sometimes only impression to get the attention of potential clients; you don’t want to show them outdated content. They only deserve the best and the best is what your should be showing them.

Photo by Phil Desforges on Unsplash

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