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It’s Time to Abandon Social Media Ad Spending

Pull up the anchors. Sound the retreat. It’s time to jump off the sinking ship that is social media. Pull out what’s left of your social media ad spending budget and save it for another day. I would say invest in Crypto, but we all see how well that has been performing these days.

There was a time when social media was the happening spot. Our feeds were in chronological order, our social media ads were generating leads and revenue, but now it’s hell on earth. Well hell online.

The social media ship finally met it’s Titanic iceberg and now everything and one is sinking. And fast

While it seems like the fall from grace was rather quick; it really hasn’t been. You can thank Mark Zuckerberg and is quest to make everything Meta. He made Facebook a place where boomers can post false narratives about politics and he made Instagram a shitty version of TikTok.

The real cake topper was what Elon Musk has done to Twitter in the short time he has owned it. Hell, it took Kim Kardashian longer to ruin her first marriage than it did for Musk to tank Twitter. His back and forth style of leading like a petulant man child, with an ego the size of the planet Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II, has scared his advertisers to run for the hills.

If you haven’t gotten the memo already, you should be running to and taking what is left of your budget for your social media ad spending. There is no coming back to the former glory that social media was once.

This isn’t some fear inducing farce, this is the truth. Two “geniuses” trying to outsmart everyone have made such colossal mistakes and missteps that social media is on the brink of being no more. Oh did I mention that the US Government was also looking into banning TikTok because it’s Chinese owned?

And to be honest, spending on a social media ad lately hasn’t had the best ROI. In between bigots clamoring for civil warm and people posting TikTok dances on every conceivable social media account they have, it’s hard to drown out the misery and the copycats in order for your social media ad to shine.

If we’re truly being honest, just to survive and have your posts seen you have to pay to play. Organic content went the way of the dodo.

It’s just a matter of time before Musk bankrupts Twitter and Meta crashes back down. The signs are there if you’re into that stuff.

Google is just sitting pretty watching everyone fight it out. They know that your budget for social media ad spending has to be going somewhere or you’ll lose it. They figure why not make Google Ads a popular destination.

Social Media had a good run. Like all good things, it must come to an end.

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