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Making Your Content Go Viral Isn’t a Sound Strategy

When I walk into an initial client meeting or strategy brainstorming meeting and I ask, “What are your goals for either their social media or digital marketing strategy?,” and they respond with wanting to make their content go viral, I know I have a lot of work to do. The thing is creating viral content isn’t a sound strategy. There is no magic potion or sure fire way to make viral content.

You Can’t Predict Viral Content

No one knows what makes their content take off. There is no sure fire formula either. If there was a guaranteed way to have content be viral wouldn’t you think everyone and their mother be using it to ensure that their content has a massive reach and engagement? Viral content is as unpredictable as well, content that goes viral.

What Does All Viral Content Have in Common?

The main thing that most viral content has is the fact that appeals to so many people. That’s what makes it go viral; the fact that so resonates or connects with people. Then they share it with this person and then they share it with that person. Viral content appeals to wide range of people whether it’s through creative graphics or a heart warming video.

Viral Content Doesn’t Last

The thing with viral content is that it doesn’t last. It stays relevant and viral until the next thing comes along and pushes it aside. To think that every piece of content your create can go viral is a recipe for failure. You can’t replicate viral content either. Once it goes viral and it’s 30 seconds of fame is complete, people will crave the next new thing. Not something that already has been done. And these days people have a short attention span and are always wanting new content, not things that have been recycled over and over.

A Better Strategy

A better strategy that will last the long haul is where your create content for your core audience while try to attract new people to your brand or product. Find what works for you and expand on that. Not every piece of content is going to be a homerun or garner you an abundance of clicks or shares. That is content for you. Sometimes you think you have a hit and it turns out to be a flop. That is just the nature of the business.

Stay true to your core and brand values and beliefs. It’s always a great idea to go outside of your comfort zone; try something new. Just don’t make it a habit of trying to chase that viral content rabbit down the rabbit hole. Success in longevity is better than 15 seconds of fame.

You’re strategy shouldn’t be a hoping that every piece of content generated goes viral, it should be creating content that can last over time. Flash in pans last briefly while people who are consistent with their content last longer than people who keep trying for a quick fix.

Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

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