seo isn't a one time thing

SEO Isn’t A One Time Thing

Many clients of mine and even businesses think that once they optimize their website for SEO that their SEO journey has ended. And to be honest that couldn’t be further from the truth. SEO is constantly evolving and we all know Google is always tinkering with it’s algorithm. Stopping your SEO process because you think you’re done is a disaster waiting to happen because SEO isn’t a one time thing.

Search engine optimization is like a river; it never stands still and is always moving. Of course there are times when that river floods and you’re left cleaning up the mess. And in the case of SEO, the mess could be a drop in rankings or penalties.

Sure you may have fixed all the broken links on your website but we know that links break all the time and you have to stay on top of them. Algorithms change. What was once popular is no longer the “it” think to do in SEO or digital marketing. Those are just some examples as to why SEO isn’t a one time thing.

The big thing that always changes in content. Writing content and think it will stand the test time is a recipe for disaster. Content always needs to be refreshed and sometimes deleted if it no longer applies. You may have a blog post about the top 10 things in web design for 2023, but come in 2024 those top things aren’t even there anymore. You can leave the content as is or you can update and make it relevant for 2024 and have it continue to gain traffic.

If you’re one of those people or businesses who spent hundreds or thousands on a complete SEO optimization upgrade for your website and think that once the fixes are been applied that you’re done then you’re sorely mistaken. SEO doesn’t work like that and it never will. You have to keep up with the time and Joneses.

Seasons change. Trends change. SEO changes and that is why you can’t be under the false assumption that SEO is just a one time thing because it’s not.

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