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The Top 5 Benefits of Blogging

With a plethora of benefits of blogging it has to make you wonder why many brands don’t take advantage of it? Just relying on a basic business website and hoping it brings you traffic is not a sound strategy. The benefits of blogging far outweigh the thoughts of keeping your website stagnant. Here are some benefits that might help convince you to start posting blog posts for your brand.

1. Raise Brand Awareness

If you’re trying to get noticed or just starting out, creating a blog and blogging is a great way for people to get familiar with your brand. Not to mention it’s also a great way for you to find your brand’s voice by writing blog posts.

And by raising your brand awareness through blog posts, you’re also setting yourself up to be an authoritative or knowledgeable person/brand in your industry. People rather trust brands that they feel are experts in their field instead of someone just spouting off nonsense on social media or with a cheap website.

2. Boosting your Website’s SEO

Probably one of the biggest benefits of blogging is boosting your website’s SEO. Google and other search engines want to deliver search results to their users that they deem are beneficial for them. By writing high quality blog posts, you’re signaling to Google that you’re providing users with fresh content regularly which search engines love.

By posting regularly and then linking keywords in your blog post to your other blog posts you’re creating more internal links for your readers to follow. It’s important to find ways to incorporate your other blog posts into your current ones.

And another way to boost your SEO is with backlinks. By creating high quality blog posts, people want to link to your content from their site thus creating backlinks. The more backlinks you receive from high domain authority websites, search engine will look upon your website more favorably.

3. Blogs Bring in Traffic

Writing content for blog posts can open doors for more traffic to flow to your website. A typical website just has a homepage, an about us page, maybe a services page and a contact page. And most are ok with that and think that once they build the site traffic is just going to magically start flowing to them. It doesn’t work like that.

Google likes websites that are constantly fresh and posting new content. Blog posts can be that new content that gets you traffic from search engines. You can’t just create blog posts to have blog posts. Your posts have to be educational or informative about the products or services you’re offering.

4. To Build Authority

The best business related blogs answer common questions their readers or customers may have. You’re the expert in your field, a blog post is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and authority of the subject matter in your field.

From how to posts to posts about how your products or services are the solution for every day problems of your customers, building your authority with a blog is the best way to educate your consumer and readers.

5. You Can Use Your Posts for other Content

Who doesn’t love content you can use over and over? That is one of the major benefits of blogging, you can take your blog posts and turn them into social media posts. You can take excerpts and put them into monthly email newsletters. Your blog posts could be used as scripts for podcasts or for a YouTube channel video.

And let’s not forget you can link to content from one blog post to another, thus giving your readers more opportunities to stay on you site and read more of your posts.

Photo by Fikret tozak on Unsplash

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