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Top 5 Benefits of a Digital Asset Management System

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, digital content is vital to every business. The main problem with digital content within an organization is where can you find XYZ image or a PowerPoint template. This is where a digital asset management system or DAM comes into play. A digital asset management system is a central location where you can store every related digital content together such as stock images, brand guidelines, fonts, templates and everything in between.

Here are the top 5 benefits of having a digital asset management system

1. One Stop Shop

A DAM eliminates the confusion about whose computer has this file or who has the most recent document template. A DAM is a central location for all your digital content. No longer do you have to scavenge shared drives for files, it’s all stored in a DAM.

2. Ensure Brand Consistency

Have you ever noticed that 3 people could have a different interpretation of how a logo should be placed in a document or if the brand colors are a different shade? With A DAM there is only one file, the correct one, for people to use. From templates to logos everything would be in sync. Brand consistency is a must for any brand. You can’t have multiple people with multiple files of the same document or image.

3. Cost Efficiency

Let’s face it everything comes with a cost these days. But do you know what costs more? When you have to keep having to have employees or consultants make updates because you gave them the wrong version of the file. Their time is money and they have no problem with you making mistake after mistake. It just raises their invoice balance. While a DAM does cost money to install etc. it also saves you money by mitigating all those unnecessary back and forth with file versions with employees or consultants. In the end having a DAM saves you money and at the end of the day saved money is better than wasted money.

4. Simplified Sharing and Collaboration

Have a template that needs to be shared, you have it in one central location for anyone to get. It’s also the latest and greatest so you’re not trying to figure out if you have the latest version or not. From employees to contractors, sharing files and resources is made easier by having a digital asset management system.

5. Better Security

Security is vital in anything that you do in digital. With a DAM you can control who can see what files, what permissions they have as well limit what contractors can see or do within your DAM. Having a log-in for each user can help determine what they can see or do within a DAM based on their credentials.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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