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Using the Yoast SEO Plugin Doesn’t Mean Your Website it Optimized

I cringe when I hear a client or prospective client tell me their WordPress website is SEO optimized because they have the Yoast SEO plugin installed. Don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing plugin, but it’s not a complete SEO strategy. It’s a spoke on a the proverbial wheel which as a lot of other spokes as well.

The Benefits of Yoast SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin definitely has some great benefits. It gives the user the ability to write and rewrite the SEO titles and META descriptions of pages and posts and lets you see them how users would view them in both desktop and mobile views. It gives you an SEO analysis of the page or post with such stats as word count, title size, if you used a keyword before etc.

While Yoast has some amazing benefits, it does have some drawbacks as well. Too often people think if the Yoast SEO plugin analysis is all green then their page is SEO optimized and it’s really not. Yoast doesn’t understand intent. And by intent I mean the intent of your content. The plugin has generic rules and guidelines it goes by and we all know not everything fits into the same round or square hole.

Your Content is Key

Too often people get enamored with plugins doing all the work and forget that without content that stands out, your site will rarely get traffic. People don’t visit sites for a plugin. They visit because the content on your page fulfills a need for them whether it answers a questions, sells a product they need or gives them additional information on a topic.

If your content doesn’t fulfill a need of the intended user then a plugin isn’t going to help you get traffic. Research into what your intended audience is looking for and develop content based off that. Answer questions in a blog post, provide FAQs on topics they’re interested in or sell them a product or service they need.

Like your website, your content needs a purpose and a plugin won’t help you find that purpose.

A True SEO Strategy for Your Website

The plugin can be a great tool for your SEO strategy but it cannot be the end all of your SEO strategy. A true strategy encompasses both on and offsite SEO, technical SEO, social media, email marketing and digital marketing. All of those together with your content is how you obtain a true SEO strategy; not just a plugin alone.

All those different pieces need to come together like Voltron to make everything work. You can’t neglect one aspect of your strategy or only focus on one. A true strategy is like Bad Boy Records in the 90’s, “Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.” You constantly have to be working at it; evolving with the times and new algorithms.

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