WordPress evolved from a blogging software into one of the most popular CMS tools out. Close to 40% of all websites these days powered by WordPress and it continues to grow daily. Our WordPress services include administration of CMS overall as well as down to user roles, initial setups and site structure as well as database maintenance. We also offer custom themes as well the ability to make changes to existing themes via HTML or CSS. The best part about WordPress is that it is free. Yes, free. And free always looks great on budget proposals. It also supports numerous and different types of media like .pdfs, video, audio and more. Where it really excels as a CMS is its scalabilty. If your business grows, your website can grow with it with ease.

We offer the ability to install WordPress for you and complete the setup as well. Based on the content you wish to post, we set up a site structure that will allow your content to flow and also allow search engine to crawl it easily for SEO purposes. Also with our administration services, we offer WordPress maintenance options as well. We ensure you have the latest and greatest of WordPress, your theme and plugins. Not updating any of those leaves you and your website vulnerable to attacks and hacks of your website. Sometimes to the point where your website is held ransom. We setup users as well as assign them specific roles within WordPress. You don’t want everyone to have the ability to post or edit content with an approval and that is where roles come into play.

There are so many WordPress themes out there these days covering so many different types of genres. Whether you bought a theme or want a custom install of one we have your covered. We also offer customization and we ensure that your theme is mobile friendly and responsive. Having a WordPress theme has many benefits. Most themes today come responsive as well as optimized for SEO purposes. They are easy to customize and you can have your website up in a matter of days instead of the months it use to take before. And while some brands or business use the same theme, no too websites are ever the same. Each theme install and customization is unique to you your business.

WordPress plugins are used to enhance the functionality of your  website. WordPress themes provide the look and feel of your site with some form of basic functionality but advanced features are often where plugins come in to play. It is easy to go overboard with plugins and that is where we come in. With over a billion downloads of plugins, it easy to see why they’re so popular. Plugins are a WordPress must, but we make sure that you’re not going overboard with it. Using too many plugins causes your website to slow down and that hurts your SEO rankings. We also optimize the plugins you do have to make sure they’re running properly and efficiently. 



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