You Don’t Need Influencers to be Successful

Based on the current social media landscape you would assume that you would need an influencer to push your product to be successful. In reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is your don’t need influencers to be successful.

You can’t go to Instagram or TikTok without seeing attractive people posting about products they use. We all enjoy seeing attractive people and if they’re using a productive some people can and do think that by using that same product that they’re going to be more attractive now and that isn’t the case.

More often than not these influencers just post about the product and never use it. It’s just a paycheck for them or a free trip or stay in a hotel; nothing more. They’re not invested in it any more than you are, so why do businesses think they need influencers to be a success?

The best influencers are the customers who actually use your product and rave about it to friends and family. That is contingent on you having a brand or product that people want to brag about. Influencers pushing bad products or brands are doing nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig.

Save your money on paying these influencers making duck lips or throwing up the peace sign and invest that money in other places. People have grown tired of seeing influencers over and over in the time lines and feeds always pushing products they never use. Are these people really influencing others to buy your products? Sure they may have 100k of followers, but what is the ROI on those followers? Are they actually buying your product or service or are they just merely looking at what this influencer is trying to sell?

Your social media strategy should never rely solely on influencers. Can these influencers guarantee that X amount of products will get sold based on them pushing it onto their followers? The answer is a resounding no. They just claim that the have 100k, 400k etc. followers and that they can reach that many with a post?

A not so secret fact is that these influencers often buy followers to inflate their following. Influencer in chief, Kim Kardashian, has admitted to buying followers. So why would you pay an influencer to promote your brand or service to a bunch of fake followers? Seems like a waste of money to me.

So again I ask do you need influencers to be successful and the answer is a resounding no. Invest in making your brand or product better not some person to promote products to their fake followers.

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

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