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You Need to Pay to Play

There used to be a time where your social media post would get engagement organically or your website would rank higher without SEM, but those days are gone. Everything now is pay to play. From social media ads, to boosting posts to Google Ads; if you want your content to be seen you have to pay for it. From Instagram to Google to everything in between if you don’t pony up the money, don’t expect a lot of visibility of your content. It’s just the way it is now and the way they’ve always wanted it. Them being Facebook, Google etc.

Have you noticed a sharp decline in your posts? Maybe your keywords no longer ranking as high as they once did. Has the engagement dwindled so low you wonder if you’re stuck in the content equivalent of Lake Mead? You’re not alone and unfortunately the days of getting content noticed organically is long gone. To get your content seen you need to open up your wallets in order to pay to play.

Organic content does nothing to drive revenue for companies like Google or Facebook. They want to get paid and if you want your content to be seen then you need to pay the piper. It sucks, but that is the reality we live in today. Money talks or your content doesn’t walk.

Want your Instagram post to go viral; you have to pay to boost it’s visibility. Want to be on page 1 on Google for a certain keyword, you need to create a Google Ad. It’s all about the mighty dollar when it comes to content creation these days. Your content will never see the light of day unless you pay to play with the big boys.

Can you still rank organically or get likes or retweets organically? Absolutely, but will you get them in a timely manner that will either convert likes to sales or website clicks? The answer is probably not. You need to pay for that kind of action.

And if you’re not a big name or well known brand then you will definitely need to pay to play to get any visibility online. Paid ads and sponsored posts is what is going to get you noticed. It’s not a big secret that organic reach is in decline and has been for the past few years. With new algorithms and updates to them, the importance of organic reach declines and fades away faster the your Google Ad budget with each click.

There are people who will say organic reach is not dead. That you have to spice up your posts a bit to get noticed and have some organic reach. And while that may work with your sex life where you and your partner may role play or introduce some light bondage, in the world of content and organic reach, spicing things up doesn’t equate to more visibility.

Organic content needs time, consistency, and quality content to work. And unfortunately that doesn’t cut it these days with people’s attention spans so limited. No brand or business is going to wait and hope their organic content produces. Instead they’re going to boost their posts, pay for ads so they can convert clicks to sales quickly.

For your social media strategies and Google rankings, organic reach and content will no longer be the main driver of users to your site or to convert sales. While organic content is still the best way to save money, you’re also missing out on sales and conversions with solely relying on organic reach. If anything organic reach or organic content is a secondary option while paid media or ads should be your number option when it comes to content gaining traction.

It’s just the world we live in where money talks or your content doesn’t walk.

Photo by 金 运 on Unsplash

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